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We can divide the Seratus company’s activities into four main fields: 

  • liquidation
  • consultancy
  • capital financial assessment (real estate-, devices-, stocks-, company valuation)
  • real estate services 

The liquidation division is operating with 5 country-based headquarters and 12 liquidation officers who are dealing with more than 500 liquidation actions in all over Hungary. Another important element of our profile is the real estate utilization consultancy, we work with professional staff including real estate agents, qualified valuers, justice-, technical- and real estate experts, auditors and attorneys.

We run our valuer activites due to the National Trust Agency’s recommendation and The European Group of Valuers’ Association’s guidance. Our real estate and other valuer activites are highly supported by the following elements:

The amendments are formulated with the contribution of legal experts which secure that the validation process is based upon real levy agency data and real market trends. 

The activity of our company shall cover the following activities as well: 

  • Bankrupcy consultancy, design of reorganization programs
  • production of real estate utilization studies
  • company screening
  • stock quote determination, company valuation
  • company property valuation
  • preparation  process for companies to help the joining process to the European Union
  • legal support for environment protection related projects